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Daily Health Habits

We have worked our way around the Wheel of Wellness these past few weeks, diving into each of the three main zones of health: Emotional

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Physical Health

What is your favorite type of exercise? Do you enjoy cooking meals? How do you experience the health care system? Physical health can be easier

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Relational Health

Do you have the support you need in time of crisis? With whom do you celebrate life’s victories? Are you an activate participant in the

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Dry winter nights and sunny summer days, the transitional temperatures and breezes of spring and fall can all lead to dry skin, chapped lips and

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Emotional Health

How do I give and receive health within myself? Brené Brown is a world-class expert on resilience, studying shame, belonging, vulnerability and connection. In her

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Strength of Health

Take a deep breath – and another – and one more. Pause. Now think of health. What do you envision? A thing? A place? A

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