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Dry winter nights and sunny summer days, the transitional temperatures and breezes of spring and fall can all lead to dry skin, chapped lips and the discomfort that accompanies both. How often do we find ourselves reaching into a pocket or pulling open a drawer sure we will find that trusty lip balm and come up empty? In a recent move, my husband uncovered more than 100 partially-used tubes of various types of lip balms. Granted, the number is increased by our house-wide no sharing rule to minimize spread of germs, leading to abandoned tubes in random drawers all through the house, but I would bet that many houses all across the land have similar findings.

In the past six months, however, I have maintained ownership, regular use and known location of a solitary tube, a lifetime record for me and I paused to consider why. The steadfast lip balm is that of Leelenau Moon, hand crafted by a young entrepreneur in Leelenau County and besides being the best formulation I have ever used, in beautiful, sustainable packaging, I truly believe it is the knowing of the time, care, attention and effort taken by a local woman to craft this product that has subconsciously made me a better steward of this resource. I feel a connection to the product and am encouraged to be mindful of my purchase and careful with my maintenance of it.

Local matters. Personal matters. Quality matters. We are better patrons, better consumers and a better community when we support one another through the local economy.  I encourage you to look local first, consider the value of investing in the people, places and products of your community and, if you too find your pockets and drawers void of the lip balms you seek, stop in and check out all that Leelenau Moon has to offer at Table Market where this and all of our products are good for you and good for the world, beginning in our beautiful corner of it.