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Daily Health Habits

We have worked our way around the Wheel of Wellness these past few weeks, diving into each of the three main zones of health:

Emotional – how I give and receive health within myself

Relational – how I give and receive health with the world outside of me

Physical – how I give and receive health from and for my body

Which of these stood out to you? For great successes? For great challenges? For new learning opportunities? For a desire to strengthen? For a need to have support? For a place to share your gifts?

There are many opportunities in each day to gain health:

  • Our first breath in the morning, setting an intention and expressing gratitude for another opportunity to celebrate life.
  • The meals we create for breakfast and lunch – incorporating the produce from local farmers, preparing with care, nourishing our bodies with the nutrients to support learning and productivity.
  • Sharing a smile, kind word or deed with those we encounter throughout the course of our day.
  • Carving out time for exercise – a class with a friend, a brief routine at home, walking the shoreline or checking out a new gym in the area.
  • Expanding our knowledge – with hands-on experience in a class, through books, podcasts or journals, in discussion with those who might have different opinions or experiences.
  • Practicing creativity – writing, drawing, singing, dancing – in a class or on our own, embracing our gifts even with imperfection and beautifying our own corner of the world.
  • Maintaining and respecting boundaries – knowing your limits and listening for those of others, realizing that solid structure improves optimal function and honoring what is enough.
  • Sharing a meal – sitting together for dinner, sharing experiences of the day, preparing, gathering round and clearing up the table together.
  • Resting well – crafting a bedtime routine that is reflective, rejuvenating and reliable, giving ourselves the gift of quality sleep.

Through the hectic overwhelm of a busy schedule especially in the fervor of spring and end-of-school chaos, cultivating health can feel like one more thing to clutter our impossibly full to-do lists. You might actually find that adopting one or a few of these habits into your daily routine brings unexpected clarity, prioritization, calm and renewed energy to help you through a challenging time.

Encouragement, skill development, accountability are key factors in successfully changing habits. At Table Health, we offer resources to support you in all of your health endeavors. We invite you to join us to move, breathe, prepare, gather, share and learn as you take a seat at the Table.