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We envision a community where the better choice is the easy choice, where people are supported to be in control of their health and health records, and there is access to high quality, community based, whole person health & well-being services for EVERYONE (rich or poor, sick or healthy, simple or sophisticated).

• We remove barriers created by our current complicated, confusing and costly system

• We accept people where they are and help them move toward better health using a whole person and whole community approach

• We create a space where all can gather around the TABLE to connect, to learn and be valued, heard, and welcomed

TABLE COMMUNITY provides support to live with more joy and companionship in your life, relationships and neighborhood. Become a member today for as little as $20/month!


…listens to your story and guides your health plan.  Table Medicine offers the guidance of physicians & counselors to optimize function and mental & emotional health.  Third parties support but do not control how we do business. Costs are direct and clear. 


…provides the support you need.

Table lifestyle offers access to MOVEMENT STUDIO classes, wellness professionals, direct pay, low cost LAB services, and a MARKET with products that are Better for you.  Better for the world.  

Your team is waiting for you.


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