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Table Health Services


Table Medicine provides an integrative approach addressing mind, body, and spirit through a direct pay, transparent system.  This means there are no middlemen, no insurance rules, and no unpredictable or high costs. Our physicians and counselors seek to optimize your function and your mental & emotional health.  We love working with individuals and families of all ages and situations. Working alongside you and other practitioners such as your primary care provider and other specialists is our forte.  

For legal compliance reasons, we cannot see clients enrolled in Medicare Part B or Medicaid.

Whether you have health insurance or not, we work with you to provide the best value possible.


To eat is a necessity, to eat intelligently is an art ~ Francois La Rochefoucauld.

At Table Health we believe in the healing powers of food.  Our registered dietician is here to support you with any dietary changes you face. In these sessions you will be empowered with the knowledge to make healthy eating choices, you will be supported with a network of people who will help you follow through on your changes and you will be taught practical ways to shop and cook.  These sessions are done in a one-on-one setting, as a family, or as a group. Let our practitioner guide you through the myths and hype and find a path that is unique for you.

*These sessions may include:

  • Setting client goals, gathering health history, understanding food preferences
  • Learning which specific foods affect your health
  • Exploring new foods or ingredients and how to incorporate them into meals
  • Understanding nutrition facts panels on packaged foods
  • Learning about metabolism and weight and blood glucose regulation
  • Creating interesting, colorful and nutritious meals for the whole family
  • Making a meal plan either for cooking at home or for eating out
  • Grocery store visit (additional $25 fee)
  • Preparing foods in our kitchen that you get to taste and take home! (additional fee for food expenses: $20-30)


Recognizing the importance of regular activity on health status and longevity, Table Health has its own on-site movement specialists. Our certified specialists provide fitness evaluations, personal coaching, group classes, occupational therapy, Feldenkrais, yoga, meditation, and more. Whether you are an athlete focused on performance, a person struggling with hypertension or stress management, or someone who feels overwhelmed by chronic illness or just getting started with fitness, Table Health welcomes the opportunity to serve you as you move toward your health goals.  


At Table Health we believe the body holds great healing potential.  The power of touch has the ability to heal the emotional and physical body.  Our practitioners are gifted and compassionate body workers that have a great understanding of the human body.  They work to attain improved mobility, decreased pain and elevated well-being through relaxation massage, pregnancy massage, and myofascial release.


Table Health is committed to helping people and communities thrive.  We offer in-depth assessment, recommendations and support for individuals who want to optimize their health, lose weight, reduce medication use, or become as healthy and resilient as possible when facing serious illness like cancer, cardiovascular, autoimmune or neurological disease.  Our Optimal Health Coaching packages save you money and add value on services designed to work together to give you results.


We have our own on-site, direct pay phlebotomy and lab ordering service.  We offer low costs & transparent pricing.  Table Health lab prices are 6 to 7 times lower than the insurance or patient pay cost.  


Because there is so much confusion about health products and various medical, holistic, and natural foods and treatments out there, Table Market exists to bring you products that are better for you and better for the world. We vet the companies we work with, we are extremely picky about products and processing, and our knowledgeable market manager loves helping people find just what they need and want, as long as it meets our high standards. Our commitment to ethical business practice and transparency led us to create a separate business entity for the market, and our doctors and allied health practitioners do not profit in any way from the market or their referrals to it; yet we do invite them to suggest products, and we stock the kinds of things they suggest for their clients.


If you have insurance, in many cases, you are able to submit your bill to your insurance company for reimbursement, or you may be able to apply your payment to your deductible. Because all policies are different and we do not have access to your particular insurance information, we cannot predict what will or will not be covered for you.

Health Savings Accounts are an option for health insurance and they have two parts. The first part is a health insurance policy that covers large hospital bills. The second part of the Health Savings Account is an investment account or retirement account from which you can withdraw money tax-free for medical care. Unused money accumulates with tax-free interest until retirement, when you can withdraw for any purpose and pay normal income taxes. We strongly urge you to look into an HSA as an alternative insurance choice.

Because we do not contract with insurance companies, we are unencumbered in many ways while helping you reach your health goals:

  • You and your practitioner work together to decide what services you get, how often you get them, and when you get them. There is no other decision-making entity.
  • You know the cost of every service you get up-front, with no surprises.
  • The labs we work with will bill your insurance for you, provided you supply your insurance information to them. If you have no insurance, no worries, because we have negotiated excellent cash rates on your behalf.
  • Because we don’t have the administrative burden and extra staff required to work with insurance companies, we can deliver healthcare for less, so in most cases, your visits at Table Health will cost less than your visits at a provider who participates with insurance, even if you use your insurance. For example, most people have a co-pay and deductible to meet if they go to their doctor for a regular quick visit like a med check or sinus infection. The average copay is $35, and the after-insurance out-of-pocket cost for the remainder of the charge is about $75. That means your visit cost you $110, spread out in two payments. At Table Health, the same visit costs $50 with no additional bills. You personally save $60.
  • You get to spend more quality time with your practitioners because they get to focus on you – not on paperwork, checkboxes, and mandatory questions related to insurance participation.
  • You don’t have to deal with EOBs (Explanation of Benefits), unexpected bills, and mountains of paperwork.
  • Table Health focuses on helping you get to the root of the problem for healing and maintenance of your best health. In the long run, you will feel better and reduce your overall healthcare costs.


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