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Table Lifestyle is a unique, small scale neighborhood store front offering fresh local produce and other ingredients displayed by recipe so you can spend your valuable time cooking and eating, not roaming around a large grocery store wondering what to make and where to find the ingredients.

We carry life and fitness products, essential oils, safe personal products, books, fresh herb plants, water filters, air purifiers and more. We provide prescription level supplements with the goal to give you the best value possible.

We have not sold out to one brand or company nor do we seek to provide an extensive range of products of varying quality and cost.  We are focused on high quality, high value products and spend a great deal of effort on researching and watching companies closely to be sure they are in line with our standards and stay that way.

You will not be overwhelmed by too many brands and tricky marketing tactics or succumb to buying the cheapest product that does not work. Our goal is to educate you as we learn ourselves so that you are in charge of your health.  We will share the good with the not so good and tell you when something is supported by a lot of evidence or just a little. To make it onto the shelves of Table Lifestyle, the product must be good for you, the environment and for the people who made it.

You can expect to be fully informed as you walk through the store and read about products & companies and related health condition


Keep checking back for our online store coming soon!


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