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Table Health memberships are designed to empower individuals and families to navigate their path toward health. Table Medicine offers the guidance of physicians and behavioral professionals addressing the needs of body, mind, and spirit using multiple modalities including osteopathic manipulative treatment and functional medicine. Table Lifestyle options include access to wellness-focused professionals, movement classes, lab services, and market.  For legal compliance reasons, we cannot enroll those with Medicare Part B or Medicaid.  This restriction may not last forever!  Send us a message if you want to be notified of changes.  

Most importantly, becoming a part of the Table Community provides support to live out your daily life with more joy and companionship in your life, relationships, and neighborhood. Joining gives you a voice in building a healthcare system that works for you. Table provides a space where your physician might be your movement instructor or the person you sit next to at the Friday night potluck.  Yay!! This membership is open to all, including those with Medicare and Medicaid!

Table Medicine ESSENTIALS
$87/month per adult*
$20/month per child

*After $150 initial payment
  • Initial comprehensive evaluation
  • Appointments to optimize health
  • Basic lab work (listed below)
  • 10% discount at Table Lifestyle via Mindbody
  • 10% discount at Table Market
  • Access to Table Community events**
  • Discounted rates for paid events

Table Medicine PREMIUM
$167/month per person*

*After $400 initial payment
  • Comprehensive Functional Assessment
  • Initial comprehensive evaluation
  • Expanded access to appointments
  • Specialized lab work (listed below)
  • 3 visits with Health Coach
  • 10% discount at Table Lifestyle via Mindbody
  • 10% discount at Table Market
  • Access to Table Community events**
  • Discounted rates for paid events

Table LIFESTYLE at $85/month with ESSENTIALS, PREMIUM or COMMUNITY subscription ($95/month without)

  • Unlimited movement studio use
  • 10 sessions/year (nutrition, massage, health coach, occupational therapist)
  • 10% discount at Table Market

Table COMMUNITY Membership
$20/month per family

This membership is open to all including those with Medicare & Medicaid!

  • **Table Community events include Friday family fun night, soul soothing Sunday, meal prep, date night, book clubs & more
  • All with opportunity for child care
  • 10% discount at Table Market & Movement Studio
  • Discounted rates for paid events

Ready to Purchase?
Don’t hesitate. Call us now to schedule your subscription 231-333-1331 or email us at with any questions.

FAQ: Are there limits to my membership?

We want you to receive high value from your investment and also maintain a strong business so that we can continue to care for your needs. If your health situation requires unusually high utilization of physician services, we will be happy to accommodate your needs for additional visits at a rate of 50% off ala carte rates or promote you to the premium level subscription.

FAQ: Does this take the place of my Primary Care Physician (PCP)?

While Table Health provides comprehensive physician-guided care, at this time we are not serving a conventional Primary Care role. We recommend maintaining a relationship with your PCP, especially for annual wellness/screening/well child exams, allowing our physicians to work as a consultant alongside them, optimizing your health through collaboration and professionally guided use of medical and community resources. If you do not have a PCP, we welcome you to start with us for a comprehensive evaluation, initiation of any necessary work-up and we will help you establish the relationship with a local PCP who will serve as an integral part of your care along with the team at Table Health.

FAQ: What services are provided at Table Health?

At Table Health, we value relationship above all else – we want to hear your story, ask good questions, know you as a person as well as a patient and work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that will optimize your health and empower you in the process. We utilize osteopathic and functional medicine, have on-site lab-draw for your convenience, and we also have a movement studio, teaching kitchen, and multiple educational events to support comprehensive wellness. We recognize the tremendous resources in our community and will work to connect you with those that will serve you well on your journey to best health.

FAQ: Can I come to Table Health for a “sick visit?”

We welcome you to communicate with us first for any issue that might arise – our physicians will guide you on use of our clinic, your Primary Care Physician, or the ER depending on severity. For many conditions, treatment with Osteopathic Manipulation (OMT), a gentle hands-on technique focused on removal of restrictions in the body that interfere with optimal health, can be applied to help shorten the course of illness, utilized as first-line or along-side additional treatment or work-up as indicated by exam.

FAQ: Will you prescribe medication?

Our physicians are dedicated to optimizing health through use of OMT, functional medicine, lifestyle change including nutrition, movement, stress management and behavioral health but also recognize that there are appropriate uses of prescription medication and can initiate and manage these, collaborate with your PCP, or refer you to a specialist as needed.
At this time, Table Medicine does not prescribe opiods – we are dedicated to determining the root cause of your pain and treating comprehensively. If these medications are deemed necessary, you will be referred to a pain management specialist.

FAQ: What is a Comprehensive Functional Assessment?

A comprehensive functional assessment is a deep look at your personal health history, current symptoms, and nutritional biomarkers in a way that seeks to identify the root cause of symptoms and chronic or repetitive illness. The assessment includes a 75-minute initial appointment with our functional medicine specialist; extensive specialized laboratory evaluation; and a 30-minute follow-up appointment to review all the data and formulate a plan for optimal health.

FAQ: What’s the difference between basic and specialized lab work?

In a nutshell, basic lab work includes tests that are most commonly needed for preventative and diagnostic use. The most common examples include CBC (blood count), metabolic profile, tests for liver and kidney function, urinalysis, cultures to test for infection, cholesterol and thyroid screening tests. Specialized tests include more advanced diagnostic testing that are not routine or common. Examples include tests for genetic conditions, cardiovascular disease markers, and expanded testing for thyroid and other hormonal conditions. Because transparency is a company value, we maintain a list of labs in both categories so you will know exactly what is included in your membership and what is not, before the test is done.

FAQ: What does a health coach do?

Sometimes, making changes in your health habits can be overwhelming. A health coach is someone who can help you understand and implement the plan you and your physician have designed for your optimal health. Recognizing that individuals and families often need encouragement, support, accountability, and guidance after the doctor’s appointment in order to truly achieve their goals, Table has its own health coaches, who work along with your physician, to help you navigate the details and stay on course.

FAQ: What are the member only events and paid events?

Member only events are always changing to address the needs of our membership community. Current events include Family Fun Fridays and Soul Soothing Sundays, which are opportunities to gather and share movement, food, games, art, and other nourishing activities for mind, body, and spirit. We also have a book club for adults, date night (childcare included), and many health-oriented educational lectures and conversations with local experts. Paid events include more extensive workshops, guest lecturers, and retreats.

FAQ: What age is my “child” considered an adult?

A child qualifies for the $20/month ESSENTIALS rate until age 21 if they are still connected to the “family group”. If they have more complicated health needs, a PREMIUM membership is appropriate at the full monthly per person rate.