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The Table Method will support, acknowledge, and encourage your growth.
You will learn how to listen to your body and to thrive in every ebb and flow life offers you.
You will wake up feeling restored, energized, having more joy and peace and living the life you desire to live.

Why Table Method…
The Table Method was created by people who are like you. The old saying goes that we all become what we most need. So our medical providers, nutritionists, health coaches, and experts…all had a need to feel more, be more and experience more at one point in their life. We became masters in our fields so that we can help people who are just like us;

People who are struggling to find the energy to get through the day. People who wake up feeling lethargic and depressed. People who have health conditions that run deep and are complex. People who just needed someone to say “me too,” and “how can I help.” We know that not just one modality cures all. We know it takes a connected community to take care of health physically, mentally and emotionally. We know this personally and research backs us up.

This is why we created the Table Method, a year-long program (because change takes time) that offers one-on-one and group appointments that address your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. You will be supported and educated by experts in medicine, nutrition, functional coaching, movement, and psychology.

We know you are busy and we will work with you to create a schedule that works.  

With the Table Method, you will have…

Phase I (weeks 0-12)

2 one-on-one meetings each week. One with a team member and one with your assigned health coach.

Weekly group educational classes that bring focus and understanding to our most confusing health questions.

Unlimited access to Table Movement Studio classes.

An optional home visit from our nutritionist as well as a guided tour of your favorite grocery store.

A monthly social event where you gather as a community to support and celebrate with one another.

Access to your group’s Facebook page.

Daily access to your health coach.

Phase II (weeks 13-24) & Phase III (week 25-48)

1 one-on-one meeting with a Table Method team member weekly.

Continued weekly group educational classes

Unlimited access to Table Movement Studio classes.

Now that you’re more on your own, gathering once a month will be empowering and important to stay on point and continue on the path to your health freedom. A monthly social event where we gather as a community to support and celebrate with one another.

Access to your group’s Facebook page.

Daily access to your coach.

Bottom line? You will have the team you need to achieve your health goals from day one.

What’s included:

Full medical evaluation with lab testing and diagnostics
In-home food evaluation
Guided grocery store tour
Weekly one-on-one coaching consultations as well as daily coaching check-in’s
Access to a group Facebook page
Health journal and daily well-being tracker
Educational group classes that focus on a variety of topics with the goal of being transparent, simple, approachable and sustainable
Group social events to come together as a community to ask questions, support each other and rejoice in accomplishments
Quarterly medical checkups and lab work

Your investment:

We want your health to be at the forefront of your decision, not your pocketbook. So, we made the investment as affordable as possible, breaking it down into 3 payment options.

  • Pay in full at the beginning of the program with a one-time payment of $6,900.
  • Finance your program with 3 payments of $2,500.
  • Finance your program with a payment of $2,500 at the start of the program and a monthly automatic payment of $480 for 11 months.

Enrollment is open until April 25th. Space is limited.
Call us now at 231-333-1331 for your pre-screening appointment. Table Method starts January 26th.

Pre-screening happens with all participant to ensure a good fit.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Who is this program for?
Anyone who wants to optimize their health or is struggling with a health condition such as diabetes, blood sugar deregulation, obesity, hormone dysfunction, digestion concerns, poor energy and sleep and more.
You take ownership for your life and the responsibility to get what you desire. You don’t blame others for where you are at. You are empowered to learn and create a life you find authentic. You expect your team at Table Method to hold you responsible, to give you the tools and support you need to be vital.

Who is it NOT for?
This is not a quick fix approach to health and vitality. There will be tough questions, hard tasks, dig deep moments of powerful self-growth. If you come with excuses rather then solutions, it’s not for you.


What results can I expect?
We are giving you an individual roadmap filled with strategies and tools to help you take charge of your life. It is up to you how far you go and how quickly you reach your goals. You need to commit your mind and time to showing up, being present and applying the practices given to you. We are confident you will learn something and gain much.

How much time do I need to devote to this?
You will be required to join in on every group class as well as the provider appointments that do have scheduling flexibility. The time you devote outside of the classes and sessions is up to you. The more the better. We expect your full attention and participation. This is your life we are dealing with.

Are there any additional costs once the program starts?
You do have the option to add as many movement classes as you like and other provider appointments such as nutrition, massage, or therapy appointments. But these are not expected or included during the program just added bonuses for you to utilize if you choose. Some classes/appointments may provide a discount.

You mention spirituality… is this a faith-based program?
Although faith is a powerful thing in many of our provider’s lives we do not push any kind of doctrine on you. When we speak of spirituality we are referring to the soul of you. The hopes, dreams and desires, the light inside of you, that is your spirit. We want to nurture it and help it grow bright.

Transform your life. Become a legacy of health & vitality
for your family and friends.
Sign up today 231-333-1331


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