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Erin has been wholeheartedly invested in her work within the health and wellness field for the past 11 years. She graduated from Lake Superior State University in 2008 earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science with a minor concentration in psychology, and an Associate’s Degree in Health and Fitness, all while competing as a member of the NCAA Division II Volleyball Team. Motivated to continue her education after a four-year stay in the beautiful Upper Peninsula, she moved to Indiana. Erin attended the University of Indianapolis and in 2010 she received her Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy. While pursing her advanced degree she was able to gather esteemed clinical experience under the supervision of skilled occupational therapists at The University of Chicago Medical Center and Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Born in Alpena, she has a passion for improving the quality of life of the residents of Northern Michigan. As an occupational therapist, Erin will engage in careful task analysis to better understand how your body, mind, and environment affect your function. With the identification of individual factors in place, holistic lifestyle modifications, self-care strategies, and balanced movement programming will be provided to support your wellness journey. Together with your healthcare team, we will work diligently to create healthy roles and practices to encourage your full participation in life! Erin is passionate about delivering this service and is excited to assist you along your path to wellbeing!

Erin lives with her husband in Traverse City. They both love sports and being active outside, paddle boarding or golfing in the summer and skating in the winter. Time devoted to family, friends, and traveling is time well spent.


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