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Dr. Jennifer Lyon, DO is a board certified family medicine and sports medicine osteopathic physician. Prior to studying medicine, she was a dance major at Butler University and performed professionally as a dancer with Dance Kaleidoscope in Indianapolis. She finished her undergraduate degree at Michigan State University. Jennifer attended Michigan State College of Osteopathic Medicine for medical school and completed her residency at Sparrow Hospital. She accomplished her Sports Medicine Fellowship as one of the team medical doctors for Michigan State University. Most recently, she is being trained by the Institute of Functional Medicine ultimately to receive certification in Functional Medicine.


Dr Lyon is on the advisory board for Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities and has helped organize and present at both the 2015 Food Farm and Health Conference and most recently at the 2017 Culinary Medicine Conference. She has a particular passion for exciting and educating physicians about nutrition’s role in healing chronic disease. Jennifer believes that if physicians are excited about nutrition and its ability to heal and prevent disease, then patients will be more likely to recognize its power as well.

Dr Lyon has also been an advocate for nutrition education directed toward children. She has organized an “Every Kid Healthy Week” at a local elementary school to motivate students and parents to make healthy food choices. She hopes this will influence the next generation’s health. Traverse City is Jennifer’s birthplace. She has a deep connection to the area with multiple generations of her family living and farming here. She is concerned about the safety of our local environment, soil, water, and homes. Jennifer wants to actively work toward promoting cleaner living.

As a physician, she has been disheartened by the treatment of symptoms instead of focusing on the root cause. She hopes to continue to provide individualized care based on their past and present exposures, experiences, and genetic tendencies. Jennifer loves life. She continues to dance and practice pilates. She enjoys exploring the world with her husband, son, and daughter.


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